Welcome to Troublemaker Games

Troublemaker Games specialise in the design of quirky and original Miniature War Games.

Our high quality miniatures, designed by acclaimed sculptors Ben and Barny Skinner, are designed on computer, allowing for the highest possible level of detail. We pride ourselves on the quality of our models, as well as on the care and attention we provide when packaging and sending models to our customers.

We don't just make models though; we make games. Our first game is Timeline 300, a 10mm scale Steampunk wargame. You can find more information about it on the Games Page.

You can contact us at troublemakergames@gmail.com

British Gentlemen Adventurers
British Land Frigate

Latest News - Defeat in Detail

Troublemaker Games is starting a new venture into 6mm Sci-Fi Miniatures, with our latest project, Defeat in Detail. We are aiming to produce plastic sprues of 6mm Scale Sci-Fi Humans and Hulked-up Aliens, as seen on the left.

As plastic sprues are very expensive to produce, we have turned to the public to help fund this project. We have a fundraising page on Indiegogo which has so far raised thousands towards this exciting new development in 6mm gaming.

The more money we raise, the more we can add to the sprue, so if you're at all interested in 6mm Sci-Fi gaming, head over to Indiegogo and get pledging for some unique benefits that are only available for early adopters!