Wars That Never Were
True Histories Of Armageddons That Never Will Be

The great war consumed everything, in the end. It was here, at the end of human history, that I invented our last hope, my time machine...

Timeline 300 is a 10mm scale Steampunk Wargame, set in an alternate version of the year 1870. Great Britain and Germany, supported by steam-powered technology and the magic of Thaumatic energy, fight for dominance of the only resource that matters, coal, all under the hungry gaze of the approaching Martians.

Unlike many wargames, Timeline 300 is not played by buying two equally pointed armies, lining them up and fighting. Instead, the game is more about the capture of resources which allow the purchase of new forces during the game. Battles can start small and develop into vast conflicts, as the fight for control of the flow of coal intensifies.

The current Beta rulebook is available here: Download

Alternate printer-friendly version: Download

A few thoughts on collecting your own Timeline 300 Battlegroup can be found here: Download