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Count Binface - £5

By agreement with the human behind Count Binface, we are able to bring you this
28mm "Heroic Scale" Miniature of the greatest parody politician in the post-truth universe!

£3 from each purchase of Count Binface will be donated to UK based NHS-supporting charities.
Includes 25mm diameter plastic base.

Mad Marx, the Road Tax Warrior - £5

28mm "Heroic Scale" Miniature.
Gnarl Marx was once a humble philosopher and economist.
Now, driven mad by the loss of the only thing he hate-loved in life (The free market economy),
he is an empty husk of a man who fights against the marauding warrior clans of the post-apocalypse and their toll-roadblocks.

Includes 25mm diameter plastic base.

ZomBi Horde - £12

28mm "Heroic Scale" Miniature Set of six ZomBis.

ZomBi face-screens may display simulacra of friendly greetings when encountered,
but in reality they hunger for human flesh. Should they catch you, their sharp wires will tear and rip at your body.
If you escape, there follows days of fear as you wait for the first symptoms to manifest.

Not all who are attacked will turn, but some will quickly sicken and die.
Their corpse must be burned urgently, lest their dead body be allowed to transform, as wires sickeningly push from rotting flesh,
bones crack as a face-screen emerges from a shattered skull, and a new ZomBi rises to hunt the living.
Includes six 25mm diameter plastic bases.

Kadis The Tech-Barbarian - £5

28mm "Heroic Scale" metal miniature of Kadis, who can be armed with bow, axe, or rifle.
Includes 25mm diameter plastic base.

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