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CityCrushers is a game of tactical combat, fought between bands of building-sized machines called Crushers, amidst the ruins of a once-civilized world.


In CityCrushers, you will fight over valuable finds of old-world Tech to construct, upgrade and repair your Crushers, and ultimately become king of the scrap heap.


Do you want to construct giant war robots, crush your enemies, and hear the lamentations of their lawfully wedded life partners?

Yes? Of course yes!


It's time, to Cruuuuush!


Box contents:


16 x City Crushers

6 x Capital Crusher Body Sprues

6 x Capital Crusher Weapons Sprues

6 x 80mm round base sprues

10 x Gothic City Sprues

2 x Airbase sprues

1 x Rulebook

2 x D10 dice

46x plastic sprues total.


CityCrushers Big Boxed Game

  • CityCrushers Big Boxed Game!

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